Monday, January 21, 2013

Chameleon Colossus by Amanda Nordby

Changeling chameleon
shows his super camouflaging powers
dynamically matches the color of whatever he sits on

on the island of Madagascar
skin is free for both personal and commercial projects
red gold and green, red god and green

Artful chameleon
a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizard
copies colors copiously
for what seems to be no reason at all

Competing chameleon
twelve rounds to glory
tongue whips out and seizes its prey
you come and go, you come and go

Creed Chameleon
to my eyes, hidden you are not.
illness, caring, feeding, buying
loving would be so easy if you were the colors of my dreams

Cybertronic chameleon
installed and running
gets malwarebytes AntiMalware
come out, sly droids

Chameleon Colossus
Eat my bear
It isn't mine
Just happened to be feeding
Breeding and husbandry
Washing his hands

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