Monday, January 21, 2013

The Brooch Golden Cats Sublime This by JAN025

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lerfishAng by Kevin Milner

the Ceratioid group (Ceratiidae, or sea devils), employ an unusual mating method

threr at the bottom of the idian ocean how are you going to get one???????????????????????????????? naswer that !

Bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzarre creatures in the ocean

Melanocetus johnsonii Melanocetus murrayi, melancholy Lolly rails a molly

Sweatin Bullets: Body Scanners Can See Perspiration as a Potential Weapon

Chameleon Colossus by Amanda Nordby

Changeling chameleon
shows his super camouflaging powers
dynamically matches the color of whatever he sits on

on the island of Madagascar
skin is free for both personal and commercial projects
red gold and green, red god and green

Artful chameleon
a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizard
copies colors copiously
for what seems to be no reason at all

Competing chameleon
twelve rounds to glory
tongue whips out and seizes its prey
you come and go, you come and go

Creed Chameleon
to my eyes, hidden you are not.
illness, caring, feeding, buying
loving would be so easy if you were the colors of my dreams

Cybertronic chameleon
installed and running
gets malwarebytes AntiMalware
come out, sly droids

Chameleon Colossus
Eat my bear
It isn't mine
Just happened to be feeding
Breeding and husbandry
Washing his hands

It's basically like riding a normal unicycle once you get up high enough to ride it. by Benjamin Rehm

Traditionally, toilet brushes are an unpleasant item to keep out in-the-open.

But I’ve never claimed my family is normal.

Late last year we were out in Arcadia with some friends who tipped us off to a strange and magical little Japanese shopping center.

We were very impressed with this place.

On the cleanliness scale, it is pristine.

I currently hand wash it with Oxy Clean and it works for a day or so then the smell returns.

All ages are welcome, and masks are highly encouraged!

Considering the physical stress created by having such a long neck, there's no clear biological advantage

Awkward Giraffe by Andy Ceja

After finally mastering awkward giraffe after minutes of practice

Giraffes are pretty sweet

Always stumbling and ignored

Keep Belt awkward giraffe

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Awkward Giraffe, Whats Happening Over There?

This giraffe is awkward. But, then again, so are most giraffes

This one is awkward AND perplexed

Oh hey… didn't see you there, awkward giraffe

Awkward Giraffe, the time has come

Are You a Human?

The Animal You Insult By Calling It By Its Name

similarities between women and giraffes

awkward giraffe is an author


Giraffes are adorable!!!

Wild Safari; Awkward Giraffe


Animal Flarf by Drew Dufresne

Alligators and airboats

Baboons and briefcases

Clownfish and climate change

Donkeys and democrats

Eagles and empires

Flamingos and friends

Giraffes and giggles

Hedgehogs and heating pads

Irish wolfhounds and iowa

Jellyfish and immortality

Koalas and kiwi

Llamas and lodging

Mongeese and mountain bikes

Newts and national geographic

Oysters and owls

Penguins and pebbles

Quails and Q……

Robins and roses

Sloth bears and Sun bears

Terrapins and tanks

Unicorns and urban dictionary

Vultures and voltaren

Walrus and werewolves

X-ray tetra fish and x-rays

Yaks and Yetis

Zebras and Zinnias