Monday, January 21, 2013

Animal Flarf by Drew Dufresne

Alligators and airboats

Baboons and briefcases

Clownfish and climate change

Donkeys and democrats

Eagles and empires

Flamingos and friends

Giraffes and giggles

Hedgehogs and heating pads

Irish wolfhounds and iowa

Jellyfish and immortality

Koalas and kiwi

Llamas and lodging

Mongeese and mountain bikes

Newts and national geographic

Oysters and owls

Penguins and pebbles

Quails and Q……

Robins and roses

Sloth bears and Sun bears

Terrapins and tanks

Unicorns and urban dictionary

Vultures and voltaren

Walrus and werewolves

X-ray tetra fish and x-rays

Yaks and Yetis

Zebras and Zinnias

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